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A Lateral View on Social Media

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Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Tumblr. The most popular social networking sites today. Platforms for you to interact with your friends and let them know what’s going on with your life. Scroll down your feed and you’ll see people posting aboard their new endeavors such as going to the gym, posting selfies to show off a new hairstyle or T-shirt or simply to bask in attention. Relationship troubles, a vacation or success is broadcast ¬†for the all your friends to see. We enjoy giving them advice or complimenting them. But why? Humans are social animals. This is true, but to what extent?

In school we are taught that humans wouldn’t survive without social interactions with other people. This is true, but we don’t need to interact as much as we do. Solitary confinement or being marooned can drive most people crazy, but that’s because they can go months without meeting someone else. We meet people everyday outside of social media and that is enough to satisfy our brain and prevent us from going insane. There are some people who prefer not to draw attention to themselves while others will post anything that will grab attention in a desperate plea. Social Networking sites aid those people in their goal by simultaneously broadcasting whatever they want to say to all their friends at once. Those interested in that post will like,share or comment their views, which may spark arguments and thus draw more attention. The only reason we post most of the stuff we do is to draw attention to ourselves. Unless it’s something big like getting married or graduating, which would draw attention anyway. You may say that there are some important things that need to be shared with some people but if it’s not important enough that it can’t be told to them directly then it’s not worth telling.

Social Networking sites also feature ‘freemium’ games which gets people addicted to them and after a while demands payment to continue playing. Think about it: What goes through your mind when you open your preferred social networking site? Is it: I wonder what’s going on with xxxx and his sister yyy? Or is it ‘I wonder how my crops are doing’,’I’m sad and depressed! Let me share to the world unneccessary ¬†details about my life in an over exaggerated manner?’ Do you do it out of boredom? Curiosity? The answer of course varies from person to person. You can also follow people you want and stay up to date with current affairs, but you can also do the same with various news sites. So why do you stay hooked? You go there when you’re sad, you go there when you’re happy, you go there when you are confused or lost or in need of help or a self esteem boost. Support from friends is guaranteed to be received from social media sites, and you can meet and interact with people you’ve never met before who share the same views as you.

In the end, is that it? Is is solely the feeling of constant companionship and support that keeps you coming back for more? Is it the feeling of relaxing and finding out what’s been going on in your best friend’s life? Or is it just the euphoria of constantly being in touch with the people you love? I wonder how many of us actually know the answer to this question.


Social Media provides moral support and can lift you up when you’re down










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