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A Lateral View on Racism

It was a proud moment for Nina Davuluri as she was crowned Miss America 2014.  The first Indian-American to be crowned Miss America, a little confusion was understandable. But the outbreak on Twitter was unfathomable, with thousands of tweets being tweeted on how she was Indian, and it was Miss America. The more offensive ones labeled her a terrorist, and considered India and Saudi Arabia and such the same country. As she was crowned Miss America close to the 9/11 anniversary, more and more racial slurs spilled from xenophobic Americans. This proves that racism is still prevalent in modern society, even in developed countries such as America.

Racism started mainly around the Renaissance, when the British coming into contact with people of darker pigmentation while exploring.  The bible was used as justification by slave traders for their actions. The situation got worse and worse till it climaxed in the twentieth century. It was then people started protesting and people like Martin Luther King played a major role in bringing equality to the African-American community in the eyes of the Government. But some people were unable to adopt to this change of perspective they were encouraged to take. The number of such people reduced over time, but African Americans are now perceived as dangerous and most people think that most black males they see are criminals. This is a picture that forms in the mind of every american as they walk past them. Another much more offensive and serious stereotype is that in which anybody from the Middle East is perceived as a terrorist, as proved by the Miss America outrage, even though she wasn’t from the Middle East which shows how ignorant some people can be. Any Muslim is under suspicion not only by civilians but by police and airport security agents as well. This is obviously because of terror groups like Al-Qaeda being Muslim and running operation in the Middle East, but is still not reason enough to judge every Muslim and middle eastern as a terrorist. You would think that since America is the fourth most educated country in the world people would be more open minded, but that is not the case. The role social media has to play in forming the above stereotypes in people’s mind is no small one. Shows and movies usually portray Middle Eastern terrorist groups as the antagonist, while only a few shows like Homeland offer another perspective on things. This justifies the image that has been formed in their minds.

The prior situation is in the minds of people and is irrational. The only reason it exists, is because it is passed down from generation to generation and the sooner people understand this it will be gone. The latter is much harder to solve. It has been permanently imprinted in the minds of people over a period of time. If the media stops generalizing terrorists as Muslims and stop associating terrorism with Muslims then maybe people will become aware of the fact that terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda use it as a weapon to brainwash people who have no where else to go in third-world countries. Government agencies need to stop thinking that every Muslim is a threat of some kind, they need to be as cautious of them as they are other people. Some teachers are also racist, and this racism is passed onto their students unless someone else interferes. If the media stops portraying Muslims as terrorists and parents keep their views to themselves, the next generation won’t be racist at all. When you think about it, it really isn’t that hard to achieve. Racism originated 500 years ago, it’s time to stop having faith old beliefs

So, why can’t we all just accept the fact that racism is unreasonable and an outdated tradition?