A Lateral View on Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly!  Christmas has come(and gone, as it is). Christmas, as most people know is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. But it is one of the only religious celebration celebrated by members of various religions. But among other religions, the appeal of Christmas is not due to the religious significance, but because of a bearded felon wanted for breaking and entering. also known as Santa Claus. But how is Santa Claus related to Christmas?

He’s not. There is absolutely no relationship between Santa and Jesus. So essentially, people who are not Christian are celebrating an entirely different festival, but under the same name. Stop for a moment and think about this. What is meant to be a celebration of the birth of the founder of a major religion is associated with the exchange of gifts for no apparent reason. Children are told that Santa Claus is giving them presents, but only a few will wonder why. Once they find out Santa is not real, the gift giving still continues regardless of what religion you follow. It is understandable that Christians can exchange gifts like the three wise men to celebrate the birth of Christ, but I find it weird that everybody else do it for absolutely no reason whatsoever. If you ask yourself ‘Why do we celebrate Christmas with such vigor?’ You’ll find no logical answer. But Christmas is still celebrated by opening of gifts and reunion of family members. This gathering is looked forward to by many people, maybe because you get to meet your brother after he was away all year, etc.

The other side of Christmas is buying the actual gifts. Christmas has been commercialized, with sales occurring everywhere-it’s the most profitable time for markets along with Black Friday. The only ads you will see are about sales or Christmas-related events. Commercially, Christmas is related to Santa, with Santa mascots in every mall you visit. In media, Christmas is portrayed as a secular festival, showing the exchange of gifts and the decoration of the Christmas trees with ornaments such as candy canes. The religious factor has been almost entirely eliminated from Christmas, so that markets can sell to more consumers. Due to this, the way Christmas is celebrated has changed over the years, with most people welcoming the change but some are indignant to follow it and adhere to old traditions. Christmas has become a time for families to reunite, have fun and let loose for a few days.


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